AR2000 Super Recycler

The AR2000 Super Recycler comprises one Preheater, one Preheater/Miller, and one Postheater/Dryer/Mixer, which operate in tandem with a conventional paver and rollers. If desired, extra Preheaters may be added to increase operating speed and depth.


The AR2000 recycles all types of asphalt pavement on-site in a continuous, one-lane operation and produces asphalt that is fully compliant with end-product specifications for conventional hot-mix asphalt and Superpave.
The state-of-the-art AR2000 offers several key features and benefits:
Savings of up to 35%in cost and 50% intime compared to conventional resurfacing methods
Virtually emission-free operation under normal operating conditions
No burning of bitumen
No breakage of aggregate
Fast operating speed – the AR2000 averages two to three lane kilometres/day when recycling to depths of 50mm
Heating System
Patented heating system combines high-velocity forced hot air with low-level infrared heat
Fuel efficiency – the AR2000 vacuums hot air for reheating
Fuel economy – The AR2000 consumes 40%-50% less fuel compared to HIR equipment with conventional infra-red heating systems
Moisture removal – A patented Postheating, Drying and Mixing Process ensures thorough heatingof the RAP and added material and removes moisture
Addition of new materials such as hot-mix asphalt, rejuvenator and/or aggregates to improve pavement quality
Depth – The AR2000 can provide a pavement thickness of up to 75mm
Diesel fuel – the AR2000 operates using diesel fuel, which is readily available worldwide, instead of dangerous liquid propane gas
Superior bonding is achieved by heating pavement edges and the exposed underlying layer; hot-welded joints are created during compaction
Easy mobilization – the main units of the AR2000 Super Recycler can be easily connected to tractor trucks and towed at highway speeds between job sites.

3D Rendering of AR2000 Super Recycler