Benefits of using Martec Recycling Corporation’s Technology

Martec’s HIR process is patented worldwide and has been successfully utilized in the design and manufacturing of the AR2000 Super Recycler – a self-propelled, diesel-fuelled, pavement regenerating equipment train that is the world’s only 3rd generation Hot-In-Place Asphalt Recycling System.


The AR2000 equipment train offers the most modern technique for hot recycling of deteriorated asphalt pavement in-situ, surpassing the economic and environmental performance of traditional resurfacing methods.

Major benefits of using Martec’s patented Hot-In-Place Asphalt Recycling machinery compared to Mill & Fill and Overlay are:



The AR2000 Preheater is designed to heat and soften asphalt pavement. The patented heating system provides effective heat penetration, which prepares the pavement for further treatment.


The AR2000 Preheater/Miller is designed to heat and soften asphalt pavement and mill it to controlled depths. The patented heating system provides effective heat penetration to avoid fracturing of the aggregate during the milling process.


To meet client specifications for the final product, new material can be added to the reclaimed asphalt. A patented Postheating, Drying and Mixing process ensures thorough heating of the reclaimed asphalt and added mix. Moisture, which is always present in deteriorated asphalt pavements, is removed.


Quality and operating efficiency:

  • Heating, milling, remixing (with improvement if required) and placing back up to 50mm of surface course in one pass over continuous movement of the recycling train
  • High quality rehabilitation of various asphalt pavement, including porous and SuperPave
  • Production of high quality recycled Hot-Mix asphalt with virtually no temperature differentials or density segregation at the rate of two-three lane-km per day
  • No need for overlay and/or seal coating

Energy and economic savings:

  • Conservatively, 50% savings in energy consumption
  • On average, 80% savings of non-renewable resources
  • Additional revenue
  • from carbon credits

Clean and safe environment:

  • Enhanced highway safety through improved skid resistance
  • Lifecycle GHG reductions by an average of 6kg per m2
  • No need for RAP disposal.

Sustainable road maintenance:

  • High quality rehabilitated roads with demonstrated life of 10 years
  • 100% re-use of existing cover layer of asphalt
  • Return of traffic flow to the rehabilitated road 2 hours after HIR resurfacing

Martec can additionally facilitate complete services for a client that if requested, may include:

  • Comprehensive spare parts and technical support around the world
  • Training and consultant engineering services
  • Pre-engineering as required to improve the roads existing structure

Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling Technology

AR2000 Super Recycler delivers sustainable roads worldwide