What is the typical Hot-In-Place Asphalt Recycling road candidate?

  • Alligator cracking
  • longitudinal cracking
  • low spots
  • the requirement for profiling

These are good candidates as long as the road has sound base and adequate drainage. A good candidate can be determined by the following:

  • Visual observation
  • Drill cores — check aggregate and oil content
  • Review records to determine the type of materials that were previously used to make original road

What is not an ideal candidate for Hot-In-Place Asphalt Recycling?

  • Excessive amounts of sub base failure
  • Thickness of less than 2” (50 mm)
  • Wide or excessively deep cracking
  • Poor or soft aggregates
  • Aggregates predominantly larger than ¾” (20 mm)
  • Low oil content — less than 4% (although this can be compensated for)
  • Stripping

Many recent projects that exhibited some of the above characteristics have been corrected with proper engineering and workmanship. Fix the excessive damage first!

Does the recycled road need to be overlaid?

No. The AR2000 produces asphalt of compressible or better quality than new asphalt although many of our competitors are forced to overlay their work due to the quality of asphalt produced by their machinery (typically due to age hardening of the bitumen caused by excessive heat or burning).

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Does admix always have to be utilized?

Almost always. If the road has sunken or fallen 10% to 30% new asphalt is added to the recycled material to bring the road back up to grade. This creates a smoother road, and the road will have a higher load rating.

Can you recycle the road at night?

Yes, however production rates slow down because when the ambient air temperature is lower and much more care has to be taken with paving and compacting due to low light.

Does heating up the old asphalt in the road degrade the asphalt oil content?

By reheating the old oil in the road and adding a rejuvenating agent it will increase the quality of the old oil and in effect bring it back to life.

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