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August 2010:

Come and See Martec in California and Pennsylvania, USA

Martec continues its campaign for establishing the Hot In-place Recycling (“HIR”) method in road maintenance as the most economical, effective and clean alternative to such costly conventional techniques as Mill & Fill and/or Overlay.

As an active member of the ARRA association, Martec is sponsoring and will be exhibiting at the FHWA/ARRA Northeast & Mid-Atlantic States In-place Recycling Conference to be held during 24-26 August 2010 in the Holiday Inn Harrisburg East Hotel, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  For more details about this important event in the industry, visit  Come and talk to Martec in Harrisburg!

working in California

The timing for this In-place Recycling Conference could not have been better:  the AR2000 will be working in California during August 2010.  Martec invites pavement professionals representing State Agencies, Contractors, Consultants, Academia, Local, MPO’s and Federal Government Officials to visit the real HIR operation of Martec’s AR2000 Super Recycler in California during a week just before the start of the Conference.   Seeing is believing:  this real project is an excellent pre-Conference HIR Case Study.

If you are planning to visit Martec’s AR2000 in California, contact Martec as soon as possible or send your request for the site visit directly to:

Project: Hot In-place Recycling
Existing Pavement: Polymer Modified Asphalt & Open Graded Wearing Course
Technology: Martec’s AR2000 Super Recycler equipment train
Contractor: Pavement Coatings Company, California
Location: Trinity County, Big Bar area, Route 299, California, USA
NOTE: The Safety Requirements will be fully observed on site: Martec will provide its guests with all necessary safety items – with the exception of steel-toe boots required for personal use while on site.
While the industry faces today’s challenges of higher construction costs, reduced buying power, and deteriorating roadway conditions, the HIR project in California is intended to showcase the hot in-place recycling method as a modern, proven, economically effective, environmentally friendly and rational approach to sustainable maintenance of asphalt roads.