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April 2010:

Martec Speaks at the First International Conference on Pavement Preservation

Martec continues its campaign for establishing the Hot In-place Recycling method as an excellent solution and successful alternative for road repaving in the most effective and economical way, with no environmental hazard, while providing real pavement rehabilitation and keeping our roads sustainable. Come and join Martec’s team at the first International Conference on Pavement Preservation during 13-15 April 2010.

Dr. Mario Bonola, Martec’s VP Technical is an invited speaker to deliver a presentation titled “Asphalt Pavement In-Place Recycling: Effective Technologies for a Future More and More Sustainable”. We look forward to seeing you in California.

Hot In-place Recycling is a modern, proven, economically effective, environmentally friendly and rational
approach to sustainable maintenance of asphalt roads worldwide:
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