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March 2010:

The Second AR2000 Started Working in India

Telcon Ecoroads Resurfaces Private Limited (TERPL), an Indian road construction company based in New Delhi, first acquired the Martec’s Hot In-place Recycling (HIR) technology and AR2000 equipment train at the beginning of 2003 and since then, has established itself as a powerhouse of HIR in India.

To meet the increasing demand for road rehabilitation and to complete two prestigious HIR projects for the New Delhi Commonwealth Games, TERPL purchased the second AR2000 Super Recycler in January 2010. Martec’s technical support group was called to train the TERPL’s personnel for operating the J2-AR2000 machines.

Martec’s Training Crew takes a break on site in New Delhi.

Training Project’s highlights:

Client: TERPL (Telcon Ecoroads Resurfaces Private Limited)
Machine: J2-AR2000
Training Period: January 17 2010 – February 27 2010
Project Name: Public Works Department – Zone M3
Location: New Delhi, India
Project Size: 58 lane kilometres
Hot-Milling Depth: 35-50mm
Corrective Ad-Mix: 20-35% (7.5% of 80/100 grade bitumen (VS10))
Rejuvenator: 0.15-0.4 L/sqm (SAVSOL Rejuvenating oil – ASTM D4552)

Designed as a front-end part of the real job which TERPL was responsible for as a contractor, the training program presented certain challenges for both TERPL and Martec because:

  • The asphalt pavement being recycled during the training period was an overlay completed in 2000 which had a 4mm micro-surface completed in 2005.
  • The existing asphalt pavement showed moderate rutting and layer separation due to improper construction techniques used by the previous contractor, i.e:
    • two of the six lanes were initially paved on a non-bituminous base,
    • the remaining four lanes were paved over a damp and dusty bituminous base with no tack coat.

With appropriate pre-engineering, QC/QA and a proficient local operating crew, TERPL recycled a sizable portion of the project during the period Martec’s training crew was on-site. Despite the challenging environment brought about by high traffic volume, urban operations, and low viability, TERPL excelled where other contractors could have faltered.

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