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July 2010:

Martec’s AR2000 Super Recycler Goes to California, USA


Martec will be supplying its advanced technology and the AR2000 Super Recycler to Pavement Coatings Company (“PCC”), a local California based contractor that has been awarded a contract for resurfacing works to the state highway in Northern California.

“This work consists of rehabilitating an asphalt concrete (AC) pavement by heating, then milling the AC pavement surface, collection of the recycled AC pavement, mixing of the recycled asphalt pavement with a recycling agent and between 15 and 30 percent new hot mix asphalt (Corrective HMA), and laying the HIR Remix as a single, homogeneous mix”, as it is summarized in the Notice to Bidders and Special Provisions document published by the State of California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) that called for bids from local road construction and maintenance companies. Martec has welcomed an opportunity to partner with PCC on this project and is proud to be a supplier of choice of its hot in-place recycling train to PCC – a successful bidder selected by Caltrans.

PCC has opted for the AR2000 as the preferred equipment to be used on this milestone project in California due its unique capability to provide heating, soft milling of the surface course up to the required 2″ (50 mm) in depth, 100% re-use of the existing materials as recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and complete remixing of the RAP with the corrective admix in-situ – to produce a high quality final hot mix asphalt to be placed back on the ground in one pass, continuous operation.


Another key factor for choosing the AR2000 relates to a challenging nature of the existing pavement that is a combination of polymer modified asphalt (PMA) and open graded wearing course (OGWC): Martec’s AR2000 has demonstrated its ability to hot in-place recycle each of these types of pavement in the past. Hot in-place recycling of a mix of both PMA and OGWC will be the first time in the industry and unique for this project.

PCC is a general contractor for delivery of the overall HIR project and will be the operator of the AR2000 in California. PCC’s is also responsible for all associated works required for a successful completion of the HIR project, including road sampling and testing; pre-engineering study and mix design; and paving operation.

Utilizing a unique hot-air heating system installed
on all four units of:

Existing pavement to recycle has a challenging ‘sandwich’ nature: polymer modified asphalt with a top layer of the open graded wearing course.

Martec supplies its AR2000 to PCC on a rental basis and provides training of PCC’s operating personnel that will be completed alongside a real project in progress in Northern British Columbia, Canada where Peter’s Bros. Construction Ltd., a long time owner and operator of the first AR2000, works on its third HIR project this summer.

Caltrans, PCC and Martec share the same goal set up for this showcase HIR project in California: establish sustainable maintenance of asphalt roads, reduce cost and preserve the environment.

For more details and/or to inquire about visiting the AR2000 operation in California, contact usContact as soon as possible: the project work is scheduled for completion by October 1, 2010.